Course Titles
Introduction to Dental Assisting
Oral Health & Prevention of Dental Disease
Patient Information & Assessment
Foundations of Clinical Dentistry
Dental Materials
Communication & Human Development
Final Examination
Sciences in Dentistry
Infection Control
Emergency Care & CPR
Dental Radiology
Chair Side Dental Assisting
Preparation for Employment
Practice Administration
Total Hours:  55.5 Lec/40.5 Lab = 96.0

Throughout the entire duration of our program, we place a high emphasis on the importance of interpersonal communication between patients, co-workers and with the doctor.

The approximate time required to complete this program is 12 weeks, Saturdays only.

Upcoming Sessions

Feb 5 - Apr 30, 2022

May 28 - Aug. 20, 2022

Sept 17 - Dec 10, 2022

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