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About Us


Our Mission

Dental Genius Assisting School was founded by Dr. Thad H. Gillespie in 2007.  The Dental Genius Team provides high quality education with affordable and competitive tuition while allowing them to continue working full-time.  We know that people are capable of learning dental skills quickly if the learning process incorporates hands on training and mentoring.  We also highly emphasize the importance of interpersonal skills and communication skills.  We offer comprehensive guidance in interviewing and resume development, without additional fees.  We also believe it is important to offer continuing education opportunities to our alumni to further develop their skills.

Our Goals

Hands-On Training

One of our goals is to provide students with intensive hands-on training by active specialists in the field that are passionate about teaching.

Keep Your Current Job

Another goal is to allow students to maintain their current place of employment and to transition directly into their new career path.  Our classes are offered on Saturday.

Job Skills

Another goal is to provide students with effective clinical and interpersonal skills.  Our instructors guide students in developing stand out resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills and the confidence needed to complete internships and interviews.

Job Placement Assistance

Another goal is to help market students to potential employers. We recently added a new feature to our website which has published profiles of our graduates.  We are the only dental assisting school in the Central Texas with this feature and we are currently ranked #1 for placing our students in the Central Texas and Austin area.  Employers in the area love seeking our assistants by viewing their pictures, resumes and videotaped interviews all on our website.

Affordable Tuition

Another goal is to keep our students costs down to a minimum.  Our tuition covers all textbooks, tests, scrubs.  We allow students to divide their tuition into a non interest accumulating payment plan and we do not charge more for that.  All of our students complete their online test for becoming a dental assistant before graduating.  We pride ourselves on being available to assist students in that process.

Internship Opportunities

Another goal is to help facilitate excellent internship opportunities for our students.  We have connected with neighboring dental practices to set up times for students to work chair side at multiple sites, with multiple dentists, before choosing which place of employment they will work.

Dr. Gillespie has over 30 years of experience in general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry in the Austin, Texas area.  Dr. Gillespie prides himself on his active involvement in the program.  You will be taught at his practice, Liberty Hill Dental, using real equipment on real people.  Dr. Gillespie is present for almost every class session and is available throughout the week at his practice.  In the curriculum, Dr. Gillespie personally teaches students how to interview effectively, how to create a powerful resume and what dentists expect from chair side dental assistants.

Dr. Gillespie feels it is important to have experienced instructors that are currently active in the field of dentistry in order to teach and mentor Dental Genius students.  The current instructors are both full-time assistants and have many years of experience. Dental Genius instructors are very well connected with neighboring resources and practices and the latest technologies and research in the field.

The demand for professional dental assistants has never been greater.  Our school is the area’s best facility for preparing students for fulfilling and lifelong careers.  In just 12 classes, students may earn a Certificate of Achievement in our accelerated training program, gaining the skills necessary to begin a new career in dental assisting.  In order to ensure you receive a high quality education, we limit our class size to maintain a low student-instructor ratio.

Start your new career today. 

Schedule an interview and tour with our admissions counselor.

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