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Orthodontic Assistant Program

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Do you feel stuck at work?  We have the course for you!

Orthodontic Assistants earn more money and have more career independence!

Have you ever thought of being an orthodontic assistant?

If you have, it's because you know that orthodontic assistants, together with the orthodontist, create amazing smiles and change people's lives while having fun! And, no average, orthodontic assistants earn 30% more than dental assistants! As a trained dental assistant you already know and understand teeth and patient care. Orthodontic assisting program will provide you with a  combined  64 hours of class-room and clinical training that will add to your knowledge and transform you into and orthodontic assistant in 2 months. Classes now being offered in Liberty Hill, Texas.

The Program

Sequence of Orthodontics

The Course is meant for dental assistants with the entry level essential knowledge, skills and practical experience to successfully be familiar with the Sequence of Orthodontics. The student will learn to describe the types of malocclusions, discuss corrective orthodontics, describe the types of treatment involved and perform procedures to assist the Orthodontist.

Prerequisite Required

This Course is designed to continue the education of a dental assistant and provide the basic terminology, knowledge and skills of Orthodontics. This course is meant to expand upon General Dentistry knowledge.  Applicants into the orthodontic program need to have worked at least one year as a dental assistant.


  • Comprehensive understanding of orthodontic and hands on experience

  • Understanding dental, skeletal relationships, dental occlusion and how we correct them

  • Orthodontic records 

  • Understanding orthodontic appliances (fixed and removable)

  • Understanding bonding/deboning and retention 

  • Understand clear aligner correction 

  • Lots of hands on work (typodont work for clinical skills)

  • Team culture and clinic flow

Career Advancement in only 2 months!

This 8 Week Orthodontic Dental Assistant Training Course is a fast-paced course that requires a minimum of 3-4 hours per week of readings and homework outside of class.
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Monica Goldenberg, D.D.S., M.S., has been creating beautiful smiles since 2000. She graduated with Highest Honors from the University of Texas Health Science Center in 1997 and completed her Orthodontic Residency at the University of Texas in Houston in 2000.


She has received numerous prestigious awards including the Milo Helman Award, the R.G. "Wick" Research Award, Y2K Tai-School Dental Symposium - First Place, Award for Excellence in Prosthodontics. Goldenberg has written several abstracts and has been published in the Journal of Dental Research. She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, American Association for Dental Research, Texas Dental Association, and the Texas Women's Dental Association.


In her spare time, she volunteers with the Texas Mission of Mercy, a mobile dental clinic that travels the state providing basic dental care at no charge to uninsured Texas. Her zeal for orthodontics and her altruistic heart for people characterize the orthodontic practice she began in 2003. Outside of work, Goldenberg is an avid reader and she also enjoys venturing on cycling trips with her husband, Marius.

Start your new career as an orthodontic assistant today!

A specialty course/core curriculum, program/training that makes it easy for dental assistants to grow their careers and make more money while having fun in life and with their families!

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